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The Only Freedom Democrats Support

Bella Thorne, whom I’m told is a 22-year-old singer, actress, and author, recently crashed the website OnlyFans with her debut on the streaming video and photo platform. So popular is the young Ms. Thorne that the website could not handle the influx of traffic. This is the phenomenon of “breaking the Internet,” often promised but seldom delivered. I was vaguely aware of the name, Bella Thorne, before seeing this news story, but could not count myself among her fans.

It’s not because I don’t enjoy content of this type, of course. As a man I am the target audience, the preferred consumer demographic, for any number of adult websites and  platforms. Note that I do not add any qualifiers to that. Yes, women enjoy adult content too, but we would be kidding ourselves if we thought their consumption of this material was not dwarfed, in every genre, by that of male viewers and followers. All men look at, or have looked at, pornography, without exception. Being only dimly aware of Ms. Thorne, however, she simply was not on my radar until news about the crash of the Onlyfans site made it into mainstream media.

The story caught my eye because OnlyFans, and sites like it, absolutely exploded during the pandemic. If you aren’t aware, websites of this type allow content producers to film, stream, and make available behind a pay wall content that caters to adult tastes. It is, in other words, pornography. Some staggering percentage of the Internet is devoted to adult content, so this is not a surprise. What makes OnlyFans and other sites in this category unique is how quickly and easily it allows content providers to monetize their bodies and their sexual activity.

OnlyFans content producers like Bella Thorne don’t just make money on the subscriptions they charge for access to their daily posts. They also regularly post, and email to their subscribers, offers for content that must be paid for individually. In other words, if you find a certain young lady attractive enough to follow on OnlyFans, you may or may not have to pay for the privilege of seeing her posts. (Some subscriptions are free.) Once you subscribe, you’ll receive regular invitations to purchase access to videos and photo sets. These range from softcore mostly nudes (“lewds”) to full-on, uncensored videos of people having sex. It’s digital prostitution, personalized in a way that is largely unique to sites like OnlyFans and its competitors.

Subscriptions to, and content providers for, sites like OnlyFans rose sharply in the last few months. This was partly because the digital delivery makes this business “pandemic proof,” immune to COVID-19 shutdowns. It was also partly because people who lost their jobs turned to digital prostitution to make money. They leveraged the only thing they had available — their bodies, and a willingness to engage in certain actions with them — in order to remain financially viable. In this way, the decision to “get an OnlyFans” is one women (and yes, men) have been making for thousands of years. There’s a reason prostitution is “the oldest profession.”

What you may not realize, though, is that the expansion of sites like OnlyFans, and the increasing mainstream acceptance of them, has a political component. You would not have seen mainstream news stories about goings on at the major porn sites of the day even ten years ago, would you? These days, however, mainstream news regularly covers matters involving PornHub, BangBros, OnlyFans, and a slew of others. The reason for this is that sexual promiscuity comprises the only liberty Democrats support.

Democrats control popular culture and mainstream news sources. They are in total control over the general atmosphere in which all of us live – the zeitgeist of American life. Anything they don’t like — such as conservative political opinion — is “canceled,” impeded, rooted out, censored, and uprooted before it can become more popular. Thus, conservatives can’t get monetized on YouTube and regularly see their Twitter and Facebook accounts banned for no reason… but OnlyFans is bigger than ever. I am not offering an opinion on whether pornography can or should be censored; I am saying that the reason it is so wildly popular AND so increasingly acceptable in mainstream culture is because Democrats allow this.

The same people who will permit no other individual liberty will always embrace sexual promiscuity. This is why they support abortion… while working to destroy the 1st and 2nd amendments. This is why they advocate for LGBTQI-and-a-half-dozen-other-letters-with-a-silent-X political concerns while otherwise working to destroy any and all dissent. This is why they demand socialism and total government control over all Americans lives… while heaping hatred on the President of the United States, the “Hitler” to whom they want you to turn in all your guns.

The simple point I’m making is that if you’re ever tempted to be confused by what “liberals” will allow versus what they won’t, you need remember only the example of OnlyFans. Leftists hate all individual liberties and seek government control over every one of them… except sex. That’s the one freedom they’ll allow you and the one “choice” they actually support. Anything else is a danger to the perfect world they strive to build. Anything else must therefore be crushed, tamped down, and ground underfoot.

If the only liberty you value is sex, by all means, vote for Joe Biden — a man with a disturbing proclivity for touching and sniffing women and children. If, on the other hand, you value all the other liberties protected by the Constitution, your choice in November is clear. You should vote for Donald Trump (whom, I’m told, enjoys the occasional porn star himself).

It’s crass. It’s vulgar. It’s annoying. But this choice could not be more obvious.

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