NFL New Year’s resolutions: What every team will look to change heading into 2024

With a new year on the horizon, NFL fans are gearing up for the playoffs, hoping their favorite team can lift the Lombardi Trophy in February. 

Others are already looking ahead to the NFL Draft, hoping the 2024 campaign can bring more wins. 

Either way, every team would like to make a New Year’s resolution to improve next year. 

Let’s take a look at what each NFL team is hoping to change in 2024.


Cowboys fans have been praying to the football gods for years for this — since 1995 to be exact. That’s not only the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. It’s also the last time the Cowboys made it past the divisional round in the playoffs. 

As long as their defensive front can continue to wreak havoc on quarterbacks, this group has a Super Bowl in its future. But we’ve said that for years now.

There’s nothing else the Eagles want than to return to the Super Bowl and win it. The sting of losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in February still hovers over Lincoln Financial Field, and once again, this group is playoff-bound. 

They hit a three-game skid in December, but Philly got back on track, and it’s ready to get back to the big dance, this time in Las Vegas. 

The second-year quarterback showcased his skills for Washington’s offense despite the team’s final record. Howell is clearly someone the Commanders can build around, but he needs to be protected.

An honorable mention here will be the coaching staff for Washington. Where will new owner Josh Harris go with his first big hire? 

No, we’re not saying pour every resource into making Tommy “Cutlets” DeVito the next starting quarterback of the franchise. We’re saying, despite the contract the front office gave Jones in the offseason, having a top 10 pick in this year’s quarterback-heavy draft should be used on a rookie signal-caller that can take over soon. 

Jones’ contract has an optout following the 2024 season, and though it’ll result in some dead cap money, the Giants need to add much more to get back to the playoffs.


It’s that simple: Use the Carolina Panthers’ draft pick to take the Heisman Trophy winner and start fresh at the quarterback position. GM Ryan Poles knows he needs to make moves now, and there will be a team out there needing a quarterback like Justin Fields. 

The Bears have another top 10 pick, which will be a crucial one that likely gives Williams another weapon to work with alongside D.J. Moore and Cole Kmet. 

We could simply say draft here, but there might be other options for the Vikings to explore after the 35-year-old Cousins tore an Achilles right before free agency. 

They hit with rookie receiver Jordan Addison to pair with Justin Jefferson and T.J. Hockenson. Alexander Mattison and Ty Chandler have stepped up in the backfield. It’s all there for Minnesota. Go get the new face of the franchise any way you can. 

Jahmyr Gibbs is a stud, Jared Goff is as confident as ever, Amon-Ra St. Brown is a bona fide No. 1, and Sam LaPorta might be the next best thing in the NFL at tight end. 

To make sure Detroit continues to be a playoff team instead of a one-season wonder, the Lions must upgrade the defense. Give Aidan Hutchinson an edge rusher counterpart and stack the secondary. 

Jordan Love has proven he can win games post-Aaron Rodgers. He was throwing seeds to his young, speedy receivers all year long, while the defense was surprisingly lethal, especially on the defensive front. 

The Packers can compete for an NFC North title every year, but protecting Love is paramount to that happening. David Bakhtiari has one year remaining on this contract, but he continues to be plagued by injuries. Drafting or signing a tackle, either left or right, will go a long way. 


He earned it. Mayfield may have had his bad games, but Bucs losses this season can’t entirely fall on the 2018 first overall pick. 

Mayfield quickly found chemistry with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and wasn’t afraid to shut up naysayers believing he’d have a career as a backup. He’s gained respect in Tampa’S locker room and deserves at least one more season. 

Panthers fans, I know it’s hard, but try not to freak out after watching this season. It’s a tough offseason to look ahead to considering the Bears own your first overall pick after trading up to No. 1 last year and taking Bryce Young. 

While Young had his struggles, the diaster that was the 2023 season for you is a total organizational letdown for the rookie quarterback. David Tepper is an owner who wants to win despite not hitting on back-to-back coaching hires. He knows he needs to get this one right. So, all you can do now is hope the right staff comes in and the rest starts to fall into place. 

Easier said than done.

Derek Carr knows he needs to be better in 2024. He doesn’t want to hear any more boos in his own stadium, but that’s the result of poor red zone play and a lack of points for a franchise that watched Drew Brees cook in the Superdome for over a decade. 

There should be no reason why Falcons fans need to constantly get hyped about another sick offensive weapon joining their roster just to watch that player shine here and there. 

Drake London, Kyle Pitts and now Bijan Robinson. They are three first-round picks waiting to break out. The coaching staff needs to do a better job scheming for them, but Falcons fans don’t need to be told that. 

The 49ers have what it takes to not just win this year’s Super Bowl, but more for years to come as long as Brock Purdy is under his rookie contract. With All-Pros up and down the roster, the team has Super Bowl aspirations. Health in San Fran is all that matters for its fan base. 

We learned this during the Rams’ Super Bowl run: If Matthew Stafford can get time in the pocket, good things happen. Of course, that can be said for any team. 

But very good things happen when Stafford has time. Puka Nacua and Cooper Kupp are a dynamic duo that now has Kyren Williams proving to be a lethal running back. Stafford is here for years to come, so invest in the offensive line to make sure he’s protected. 

The last five meetings between these two teams have ended in a San Fran victory, including a wild-card round matchup in the 2023 NFL Playoffs. 

In previous seasons, the Seahawks dominated the 49ers. While that might not be the case now because of the firepower San Fran has on its roster, Seattle wants to get back to beating its Bay Area foe. 

The rumors were there when he wasn’t on the field, but Cardinals fans have to like what Murray has been able to do since he returned for Arizona after his rehab. 

He’s under contract until 2029, so the Cards need to make sure they give him what he needs to thrive. If he can’t, and all the boxes are checked, that’s when it’s time for a trade. Start with Marvin Harrison Jr. first and go from there. 

He’s one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL and certainly in the elite conversation. What keeps him out of it, though, are turnovers. 

Allen was taking care of the ball toward the end of the season, and look what happened. Bills fans just don’t want their star quarterback throwing away games like he did this year. They want a Super Bowl, of course, but Allen needs to take care of the ball to get there. 

Rodgers isn’t retiring. He’s made that abundantly clear. 

What should also be clear to the Jets is they need to surround him with help — on the offensive line especially – to make this blockbuster trade worth the investment.

Forget the bad loss to the Titans, the Dolphins have what it takes to win the conference.

It’ll be tough with the Ravens, Chiefs and others in the conference, but this offense can put up 30-plus points on just about any defense. 

Patriots fans know a quarterback is coming in the draft after this disastrous year, and it’s looking more like UNC’s Drake Maye may be the guy. 

Lamar Jackson is an MVP quarterback who is the clear future of the Ravens. But he hasn’t reached the conference championship in his career. 

The Ravens have firepower on both sides of the ball to make a deep run in the playoffs. That’s the next step for Jackson. 

Things might have gone differently for the Bengals if Joe Burrow remained healthy this season. 

It was in his 10th game during his rookie year when Burrow tore an ACL, ending his season, though he owned a 2-7-1 record at that point. Through 10 games this season, it was his wrist injury that ended things. 

The Bengals need him to bounce back like he did in 2021, when he led the Bengals to the Super Bowl. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Get the right OC

Steelers fans, you got your wish. Matt Canada was fired, making way for a very important hire with young quarterback Kenny Pickett and other young weapons around him. The Steelers need to make the right hire here. 

It wasn’t the season Watson envisioned for his return to the NFL with his injuries and inconsistent play. The Browns invested a lot of money in Watson. He needs to show the team and its fans he’s the right man to lead the way on offense in 2024. 

The Colts loved what they saw from fourth overall pick Anthony Richardson, but he needs to get smarter when he runs the ball. 

Indy can’t afford their franchise quarterback to be out. While injuries happen, a slide or running out of bounds is something other running quarterbacks have learned to do. 

C.J. Stroud is exactly what the Texans were asking for. The No. 2 overall pick let it loose in Houston this season. So, the simple resolution for the Texans is building more around Stroud, whether it’s fortifying the defense, building the offensive line or getting him another offensive weapon to work with. 

The Jaguars were a tremendous team on the road this season, but they had trouble in Duval County. 

Trevor Lawrence has what he needs around him, and the defense is solid. They’re going to continue to be top contenders out of the AFC South. But with the division getting stronger, home field advantage needs to be taken care of. 

Levis showed toughness and an ability to handle pressure and made some great passes downfield. He’s got the grit you love to see in an NFL quarterback, and while he needs some coaching, he needs weaspons other than DeAndre Hopkins. 

Patrick Mahomes will be the first in the front office to say he needs more than one receiver this offseason after what occurred during the regular season. Who knows how many more games they could’ve won if not for dropped passes or no one being open?

You can’t blame just one position group, but Mahomes was let down by his receivers this season. It’s a no-brainer. 

The run game and stout defense helped turn the Broncos’s eason around. But with Russell WIlson under contract, they need to let him cook again. 

Head coach Sean Payton has to find a way to get Wilson playing more aggressively like we’ve seen in the past. 

Jimmy Garoppolo signed for three seasons, yet interim head coach Antonio Pierce went with rookie Aidan O’Connell. Whoever the next head coach of the team is needs to figure out the quarterback situation quickly before doing anything else. 

Raiders fans don’t deserve a quarterback with a short leash. 

Simply put, there’s no reason why Justin Herbert’s career record should be under .500 in the regular season when he’s already thrown for 17,000 yards and 114 touchdowns and 42 interceptions. 

The next head coach of the Chargers should be an offensive-minded one who can get Herbert maxing out his potential after he signed his extension. 



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