The Cult Of “White Fragility”

Robin DiAngelo hates white people and wants to make sure that everyone else hates white people. What matters most to her, though, is that white people hate themselves... and every belief she pushes fu...

The Disaster That Is Merrick Garland

Garland exists, not to innovate, but to affirm. His role will be that of patting more powerful Democrats on the back and telling them "Attaboy" when they successfully abuse their power.

No, Larry Flynt Was Not A Free Speech Crusader

One wonders just how many lives Mr. Flynt and his publications have touched -- and where on the doll those victims might point.

No, Trump’s Impeachment Trial Isn’t Constitutional

The Democrat-controlled Senate just voted that Democrats think Trump's impeachment should be constitutional. That is the only thing they determined.

Democrats’ Hatred Rules The World Now

That should worry you, because when the lying stops, their hatred has only one other direction in which to go.

Why Are So Many Progressives Linked To Sexual Predators?

Yes, there are Republicans who get accused of sexual crimes, too... but the Left definitely has a much, much larger problem.

Democrats Think They’re Better Than You

John Kerry has always been scum, but we've had enough time free of his Thurston Howell The Third accent and his Lurch-from-the-Addams-Family mannerisms to forget what a disaster this hypocrite elitist...

AOC Is The Jussie Smollett Of Congress

Upset that the hashtag #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett was trending, AOC took to social media to demand her idiot followers report anyone on social media who mentions that she lied.

The Limitless Arrogance Of Democrats

They are insulated -- by the morons who vote for Democrats, by the media who protect Democrats, and by the corruption that bolsters Democrats.

AOC Is The Dumbest Woman In Congress

Unless and until we are provided with evidence that AOC deserves the post of Witchfinder General, however, we are going to have to dismiss her accusations and her histrionics as the play-acting that t...