BLM and the Farce of the Peace Prize

You know what you don't think of when you think of Norway? A large population of persons of color, that's what.

When Everything Is White Supremacy, Nothing Is

When everything is racist, nothing is. When everything is white supremacy, there is no such thing as white supremacy.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Democrats Made Walker, Texas Ranger Weak

This isn't a television show at all, really; it's a series of interventions the characters keep trying to have with each other, only to be stymied by the fact that somebody, somewhere, expects them to...

There’s No Limit To Democrat Hypocrisy

Trump has been impeached twice for things he has not done. Biden and his supporters, meanwhile, have done exactly these things, but will suffer absolutely no consequences for them.

Democrats Sneer At The Bill Of Rights

This is why people who have not read one of the most substantive works of dystopian fiction of our era should hold their tongues when mocking those who have.

Biden’s Chickens Are Already Roosting

It isn't that Biden's puppeteers mean well, but don't realize their policies will hurt America. They want to hurt America because they believe we deserve it.

The Democrat Police State’s Scapegoats

As Joe Biden's militaristic inauguration demonstrated, this is now a police state.

Can America Be Saved?

It's hard to know if America can survive this. At no time in the least five decades have I feared this much for my nation.

The Puppet Presidency of Joe Biden Begins

I'm told that 1984 has hit the Amazon bestseller list again, as millions of Americans contemplate living in a dictatorship with Biden as its temporary figurehead.

No, Republicans Are Not “White Supremacists”

Understand that marginalization doesn't simply mean that you won't be able to eat at the cool kids' table at lunch. If you are marginalized, you are no longer a person in our society.