YouTube Censorship Has Gone Too Far

Time will tell whether the communists succeed through technology where they failed during the maneuvers of the Cold War.

Video sharing giant YouTube, which is owned by far-left propaganda machine Google, recently announced that it will censor and punish any uploaders who dare dispute the official results of the 2020 election. The same people who run Google were the ones who whined and complained and screamed and screeched and reeeeeeed for four years during the Trump presidency, claiming Trump was a Russian asset and that his election was the illegitimate result of foreign meddling. Never troubled by self-awareness and always happy to be hypocrites, the leftists running Google will now stamp out any and all dissent that does not comport with the communist party line.

That\’s what Big Tech is, after all. It\’s the communist party. It\’s the totalitarian dictatorship that once controlled the Soviet Union and now controls Communist China.  It hates freedom of speech; it silences all dissent; it punishes all deviations from party orthodoxy. These are people who threaten violent retribution against their political opponents, not just before an election, but after, as payback. All Democrats are now communists, marching in lockstep with the far-left ideology that has taken control of their corrupt and criminal organization.

There is no getting around it; their values are thoroughly in keeping with those of communist dictators. Their organization, their approach to \”leading\” the country, is indistinguishable from the iron-fisted rule of communist dictators throughout history. Why, the only thing that hasn\’t happened yet are Stalinesque purges and, make no mistake, those are coming.

To see that Democrats are in bed with communist dictators, you need look no farther than the flatulent Eric Swalwell, who rose to fame after farting on live television. While the leftist news organization bent over backwards to cover for Swalwell\’s embarrassing expulsion, lying and claiming someone moved a coffee cup across a desk at the exact moment Swalwell paused and lifted one cheek to provide clearance for his most coherent utterance to date, everyone who sees that clip knows what happened. And when Swalwell wasn\’t threatening to nuke Americans who don\’t agree with Swalwell\’s communist desire to disarm all Americans in violation of the Second Amendment, he\’s literally in bed with communist Chinese agents.

That\’s right. Swalwell has been evasive about whether he had sex with a Chinese honey-pot agent who has since fled the United States after our government caught on to her influence-peddling. Turns out this particular communist agent has been operating on American soil for quite some time. And of course her favorite allies were Democrats. You can always count on Democrats to side with communist dictatorships, because their governing philosophies are the same. That brings us to the communist penchant for \”liquidating\” dissent.

To see that Democrats want to murder dissenters, you have the example of Representative Cynthia Johnson of Detroit. This particular communist took to social media to threaten Trump supporters. (She made up some undocumented threats of lynching that she said justified her own calls to violence, as Democrats so often do when it comes to manufacturing hate crimes. \”Be careful,\” she warned. \”Walk lightly. We ain\’t playing with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.”

These are two Democrat lawmakers working with communists and working against the Bill of Rights. These are two Democrat elected officials who have threatened violence against the American people. They are just two of many communists who march in lockstep with the donkeys and who think nothing of crushing the American people under foot. They don\’t care about your rights. They don\’t care about the Constitution. All they care about is power.

That\’s what Google\’s management, and therefore YouTube\’s management, cares about too. They conspired along with the rest of Big Tech to censor any information that could damage Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election. They are now doubling down on this communist party -style information control to lock in the \”victory\” Biden won as a result of both their meddling and widespread Democrat vote fraud. The result is that YouTube has abandoned the last flimsy shreds of its pretense at being a \”platform.\”

YouTube is now a politically motivated publisher, exercising editorial control over its content and enforcing ideological orthodoxy in exactly the same way dictatorial communist parties do. It should be stripped of its legal indemnities for third-party content immediately and held to the same legal standards as any political activist group. Only when our legal framework stops providing special protections to these \”private companies\” that control the public flow of information will we have any relief from these Maoist authoritarians.

The damage may already be done. Time will tell whether the communists succeed through technology where they failed during the maneuvers of the Cold War. What\’s plain, though, is that the communist threat to American freedom never went away — and as YouTube has proven, it is now more dangerous to the Bill of Rights than ever before.


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